Oud Beijerland - Van den Assem Schoenen

Contact data

Van Den Assem Schoenen
Molendijk 12
3262 AK Oud Beijerland
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0)186 623 567
E-mail: info@assem.nl
Website: www.assem.nl

Monday 13.00u - 17.30u
Tuesday 09.30u - 17.30u
Wednesday 09.30u - 17.30u
Thursday 09.30u - 17.30u
Friday 09.30u - 21.00u
Saturday 09.30u - 17.00u


Van den Assem Schoenen has been a renowned name in Rotterdam and the surrounding district for many years, for top-of-the-range gentlemen’s, ladies’ and children’s shoes. The operating principles that guarantee the success of this company with its 8 shoe stores are customer focus and service, stylish and contemporary collections.

The Van Bommel Authorized Shop is an important element of the store. An extensive Van Bommel collection is presented of all three brands: Van Bommel, Floris van Bommel and Noble Blue.

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Authorized shops Authorised shops
  • Hilversum - Strating Schoenen
    Strating Schoenen
    Kerkstraat 94
    1211 CS Hilversum
    The Netherlands

    Telephone: +31 (0)35 621 31 51
    E-mail: info@strating-schoenen.nl
    Website: www.strating-schoenen.nl
  • Opening hours
    Monday 13.00u - 18.00u
    Tuesday 09.30u - 18.00u
    Wednesday 09.30u - 18.00u
    Thursday 09.30u - 21.00u
    Friday 09.30u - 18.00u
    Saturday 09.30u - 17.00u

    Every last sunday of the month:
    12.00u - 17.00u
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